Posted by: katydawson | October 6, 2009


Current designers who have inspired me are people like Sarah Arnett, an illustrator and print designer, who graduated for the university of Brighton in 1990 to become an award-winning designer featuring in top magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Now creates unique collections of Ready-To-Wear & Bridal wear available at stores worldwide.

Another inspiration is Rohit Bal, an indian based fashion designer for men and women. He began his first independent collection in 1990 and sells his garments for thousands of pounds. Some of his clients are Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell and Anna Kournikova

Also Matthew Williamson who studied a fashion degree in London, and then from working for Monsoon and Accessorize, he has gone on to winning the Red Carpet Designer of the year and Elle Designer of the year.                                       

another major one is Manish Arora, an indian designer who collections include peacocks, fair ground rides and geometric patterns. 

some examples of the designers above:Manish_Arora_Butterflies[1]manish-arora4_1363648i[1]


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