Posted by: katydawson | September 30, 2009

So this is third year…


India, full of bright colour and detailed architecture I am inspired by the culture and colours of India, as it is a unique and busy place full of life. From architecture to animals and festivals India is full of unique inspiration such as the Taj Mahal, which is covered in intricate details and mosaic style patterns. Including aspects of Rococo I will begin my minor project by going through my research and collecting images and objects to draw such as the stonework in The British museum, which I visited over summer and photographs from India itself.

To gain further information on the subject I am going to London on the 10th October 2009 to gain market research and to find the latest in cutting edge design. To visit The Victoria and Albert Museum where they are going to display an exciting exhibition of the Maharaja, the Splendour of India’s Royal Courts, featuring exhibits from the rich and varied culture of royal India. I will take sketches and photograph relevant items, with the hope of drawing jewellery, costumes and weapons. Also to visit relevant fabric and embroidery shops such as Borovicks and The Silk Society. I am also hoping to visit the connecting shop to Hand and Lock for visual and market research.



  1. Hey. I cant wait to see your project get going and onto fabric it will be fantastic!! I love your work Miss Dawson, xx

  2. Hiya! Good luck with the project, hope the photos were usful 🙂 xxxxx

  3. Woah get you with all your information and long explanation x

  4. Well done Katy have a good safe day in London doing your research and having a nice time. Dont talk to strangers or bite your nails after touching them tube hand rails nasty !!! Love you lots Mum and Daddy Monte x x x x

  5. LOVE! your blog page it’s fabulous! XXX

  6. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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